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Webmail - 2 questions


Webmail - 2 questions

I'm wanting to stick with webmail as opposed to an email client on my pc as I have access to several different machines but have two questions:

1. Is there a way to import contacts into webmail in the same way you can do with Hotmail? Would be great if you can.

2. Is there a way to set the Inbox as the start page instead of the default start page with all the summaries?

Thanks for any help.
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Webmail query

The webmail software can do both those things :

1. Log into webmail and select from the menu on the left "UTILITIES". There is then a link to "START PAGE" where you can set webmail to start in the Inbox.
2. To import your contacts list, first you need to export your contacts list to a *.csv file from your existing email client. Having done that, log into webmail and click on the "Address book" icon at the top. Go and make a cup of tea while the screen changes. When the Addressbook page eventually loads, select the icon at the top "Import" which is third from the right, from which you can then import your *.csv contacts file. It works well.

However, one word of warning. The Plusnet webmail software is as slow as molasses in winter. I prefer to by-pass all the fancy stuff, so, instead of using the normal method of logging into your Plusnet account and then logging into webmail, I have set up a shortcut on my desktop to

which takes you to a slightly different log-in screen (one which is not promoted at all by Plusnet and is something of a secret). This loads webmail without all the bells and whistles, in a simplified format. It is very much faster because it does not waste resources making it look like Outlook Express. I use it all the time when travelling, especially abroad.

There is also another even quicker shortcut which Plusnet does not promote, but in fairness, they do not support it either, but it works well. Create another shortcut on your desktop to

(be careful to get it right and note the difference). This is in fact the WAP link provided by @mail, whose software Plusnet uses. In other words this link is designed to be used on a mobile phone which also works fine. But, you can also use it from any pc where it is extremely fast, though even more simple than the solution above. But for simple daily email purposes from your pc, it is more than adequate. It works fast because everything is skimmed down for mobile phone communication, but that does not matter. It works just as well on an ordinary pc. You log in in the normal way with user name and ID but just leave the protocol as pop3.

Try them, they work ! You can swap between all three because they all use the same files.
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Webmail - 2 questions

Also, for a more "lightweigt" webmail visit, I use that on my mobile.

Webmail - 2 questions

Thanks for the info guys - seems like I missed a few options thanks to the very slow access times from the office. The simple browser option is much quicker and the WAP version will be handy for Pocket PC as it doesn't involve a new window.
I'm just glad I can import my contacts as that will save me a lot of hassles.