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WebMail Folder manager


WebMail Folder manager

When on my webmail page I wish to move e-mails of interest to a separate folder so that when I retrieve through the normal Outlook Express or whatever, it doesn't search through the whole list all over again, simple you would think; not in PlusNet webmail. "Go to Folder Manager etc" it says. What folder manager? There is no folder manager that I can find, where is it hidden? Go to Help and it gives simple instructions on how to use a folder manager that isn't there.

As a temporary measure I put the messages I wanted to keep into the "Drafts" folder, now I find that there appears to be no way to get them out again - the Drafts folder doesn't even appear to have a Send or Forward button, so if they were drafts, how would you send them?

Any answers?
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WebMail Folder manager

POP3 does not support folders, only IMAP.

If you select IMAP mode when logging into webmail, you can create/manage folder. However if your email client is setup to collect mail via POP3, it will not see any folders.

If you want to use folders on webmail and outlook express, you need to reconfigure OE to use IMAP mode.

BUT, IMAP mode always keeps yur email on the server, not locally so you need to be aware of than.

The issue with moving stuff to drafts and then not being able to move it out has been there ever since the new webmail was introduced. I and many others have asked many times for the folders to not be available when running in pop3 mode but so far nothing has changed.

WebMail Folder manager

My Outlook Express & Safari are set up to take everything into the Inbox so if I set the Webmail as IMAP, would my OE & Safari still receive Mail in the normal way?