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Web server down?


Web server down?

I have only received one email through my account in the last 3 days.

I have sent 4 test emails to myself and none have yet turned up.

I did have this problem before but I went to the announce page and it said that there were problems, But I have not seen anything to sat so this time.

I have got ebay buyers details that have been sent to me and Obviously I can t do anything until these emails come through.

I have sent a ticket through but these can take a couple of days usually.

Thanks for any help

Wye Rangers
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Registered: 13-06-2007

Web server down?

Hi there,

What address are you sending the test emails to? It wouldn't be a great idea to post it on the forums, if you can update your ticket with these details and let me know I'll take a look at this problem.

Web server down?

To my normal email address.

The emails are coming through now but they are all over the place.

The last 5 were sent on Friday, sunday, today , friday, and saturday in that order.

Thit looks like it could be a problem with my domain name forwarding as I sent an email to and it came through strait away. whereas the one I sent to still has not arrived.