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Web Mail anomaly


Web Mail anomaly

Something appears wrong with the 'Reply' facility in Web Mail. Instead of the sender's address appearing in the 'To:' field, the user's own address appears. This means that unless the user notices it, mail will presumably simply bounce back and not go to the person to whom the reply was intended. I must admit I never thought to try it -- I just altered the 'To:' field to the correct address.

This is a new thing; must have happened within the last day or so, and applies to people on PlusNet as well, and presumably to Force9 etc.

I first noticed it when I tried to use WebMail this morning, and I'm amazed the anomaly is still there -- I can't believe that it's a fault on my computer, but on the other hand no one else seems to have noticed, so perhaps it's just me...?

Web Mail anomaly

I noticed it today.

I often check my mail via the portal, but this is the first time I've tried to send any via webmail for ages so can't say how long it's been like it.

And yes - if you don't overwrite the to field you just send the mail to yourself!!

Rod (also couldn't believe it!!)