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Warning E-Mail after 4GB peak usage?


Warning E-Mail after 4GB peak usage?

I awoke this morning to find an e-mail in my inbox from PlusNet.

"Level 1 management has been applied to your service during peak hours for
P2P, FTP and Usenet. All other protocols are not affected by this change to
your service."

This surprised me as I'm on Broadband Premier Option 1 which I thought was perfectly adequate for my usage, so I checked the usage statistics, and total peak time usage was just 4GB. Peak time P2P usage was just 2.8GB. Even including off peak usage the total was under 18GB so what's going on? I was under the impression that off peak usage was completely unrestricted?

I would be grateful if someone could shed some light on the situation.

Warning E-Mail after 4GB peak usage?

Reading the email you got, its not even applicable anymore. Level 1 management would affect ALL protocols and not just p2p,ftp and uset as it was under the old scheme.

Thats not even mentioning that it shouldnt kick in for several more Gb's.

I think it's whats known as a "intercourse rising". Unless there are very strange circumstances, its a mistake.