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Waiting to be ADSL Connected


Waiting to be ADSL Connected

I am currently waiting (day 4) to be ADSL activated and then connected with the modem that I shall receive from PlusNet to broadband. I am not currently connected to the internet at all. However whilst waiting to complete the 'broadband' process does PlusNet allow you to conect to the internet via dial up connection without setting up a second PlusNet account? I'm such an impatient fellow! Any info gratefully received. Smiley
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Waiting to be ADSL Connected

Yes you can use your existing username and password for a dialup connection.

Or you can use the username of signup and password of signup check the link:support pages for help with creating a DUN connection.


Waiting to be ADSL Connected

Yes, using your normal +Net username and password (not <username>, just <username>), you can dialup using the following number

0845 140 0101

Waiting to be ADSL Connected

Sorry to ask such basic questions but,

a) Can you tell me how much the 0845 (local rate) is per minute.

b) Once I have the broadband connection sorted out and no longer wish to use the dial-up access to the internet (which I would terminate) will I still have to pay out any money for the dial up connection? Would there be a termination (cancellation) fee, or any other fees to pay?

c) What does DUN stand for? I couldn't find it.

Many thanks.

Waiting to be ADSL Connected

DUN stands for Dial-Up Networking

This dialup comes as part of thye broadband service, and is designed for you to use as a backup service, should DSL fail in some way.

More than anything, it is to encorage users to use the link:contact us system, instead of the phone support system.

If you are refering to an existing pay-monthly package you are on (IE, connect lite and so on), then there is no need to terminate.

+Net will do this for you (provided it is under the same useranme, and with +Net for that matter). You account is converted to DSL.

Contact BT regarding this one.

This will depend on your package you use with BT.

To my understanding, a rough guide it 4p during the day, and 1p evenings and weekends. However, it is a long time since I have been on these standard packages.