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I found the service really slow until a day or two ago, and now it very quick, and very useable. I almost wish they would release a stand alone version EXACTLY the same for home use instead of Outlook/thunderbird.

Cheers Plusnet, ace work!


Totally agree, the new system looks and works great!!!

Well Done Plusnet.....

p.s Greater SPAM Control would be appreciated..


Yes. I agree Nice job. It's all very nice. Maybe we can throw away Outlook !
Anyway that's my feedback.


Very good

Just to add a chip to the pile - excellent interface - I have not tried everything but Outlook looks doomed.


nothing but hassle

Ive had hassle after hassle just trying to view my Webmail, Im not interested in emails for the family etc Occasionaly It might let me login but will give me a blank page when i try to view my mails and thats how the old system has gon since you started to try forcing people to use the beta version. I cant even see any mails if i try the beta version. At the moment the WHOLE plusnet mail system for me is Utterly Useless. Please get rid of the Trials and put things back how they were. I dont mind waiting for a page to load as long as i can View and use my email.

One REALLY gutsed off punter
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No-one is forcing you to use the Beta webmail, it is an option that you yourself select when clicking on the webmail link or entering the URL in your address bar.

I might also suggest there may be config issues with your PC setup as there are many users who can use both webmail systems successfully. If you require help in finding out what your problem is then start a new thread explaining your problem in detail and I'm sure there will be many users more then happey to help. Simple things like disabling firewalls, virus scanners and popup stoppers may give you clues where the problem is.

The Beta trial is there to find bugs and get feedback from customers on the new webmail system that PlusNet are developing and want to introduce to replace the slow and out-dated portal webmail system.

If you don't find either webmail systems to your liking try an alternate: and select advanced login. If that also does not work for you then there must be an problem with your PC.


I did like the old "outdated slow portal" mail service but that has been changed for the worse unfortunatly. It Only VERY occasionaly lets me view my mail, it just loads a blank page with mailboxes writen accross the top


Oh and i dont have a firewall, antivirus etc, i have a comp used basicaly as a proxy that we use NAT with, I have never had isses with anything else including online gaming which i know can also be glitchy if the settings are not right

Outlook what ??

Guys (and girls..!!),

just thought I would leave quick post to say that the beta version is really good, in my opinion, I guess it's like most things that don't come straight out of the box, you're always going to get a few problems.

<touch wood> so far the service has been excellent, but I'll reserve judgement until I've used it a bit more, but so far it seems great

Good work,



I particularly like the drop down menu for "sent by"

The old one is too simple and not enough features.

Maybe could add a submit PGP key feature? to use an existing key?
Just a thought

Login entry box too small

Trivial, but the login box is smaller than the permitted login + mailbox names

?Or is this a security feature so onlookers only see a few characters Wink

Otherwise, a huge enhancement, and I have just signed up 2 new customers for you.