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WOW ports

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WOW ports

Does anybody know if bandwith shaping takes into account the ports WOW uses, like Talk Talk does? WOW ports are

World of Warcraft uses the TCP protocol on port 3724.

The blizzard downloader uses TCP protocol on port 6112, 6881-6999.

If it does would it explain the Lag we get.
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WOW ports

PlusNet use deep packet inspection to determine what traffic is, so it doesn't make any difference what ports are being used. All games traffic should get high priority. There was an issue a while back with WOW. I thought it had been sorted, but never really followed it closely as I don't use it.


WOW ports

The Ellacoyas do use Deep Packet Inspection bit I believe a range of tools are used to identify traffic, so simply saying that the ports used are not relevant is not entirely true.

There are still no tools for customers or CSC Agents to easily see what profiles are attached to a customers account or what signatures are being used by the Ellacoyas. This is really a vital tool which should be made a priority as complex traffic management becomes the norm. Without it we just don't know what's going on with the traffic and contacting support is a waste of time. The only way to get something checked is for it to be picked up by Comms who liaise with Networks, which is massively inefficient.

I believe that for the most part WoW gaming traffic is now correctly prioritised (the downloader is classed as P2P though so updates will download slowly) and a lot of the problems evenings and weekends are at Blizzards end. There are outstanding issues some gaming traffic being not recognised though as well as higher than normal pings and packetloss, especially on certain gateways (see the gaming issues and packet loss threads).