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Just a heads up for anyone who uses plusnet's phone service, if you are late paying your bill they cut your phone off straight away, which is fair enough I suppose, but what isn't fair enough is the fact that they also remove voicemail from your line even though you still pay £1.50 per month for this!

There is nothing to say that this is removed and you have to raise a ticket questioning why you don't receive this feature and be passed around departments for it to be switched back on, but they continue to charge for it.

For my account it has been off since the line was first activated (July 20th) and never fixed after I reported it on September 1st.

I see some threads calling plusnet thieves, these could well be right!

You are taking money and not supplying me with a service I pay for, there is nothing to say that if I default on a payment it will be removed from my account and I will have to raise a ticket to get it put back on, so I suppose you could be classed as thieves.

If any of the poor plusnet staff who work for this shambles of a company wouldn't mind fixing this, then I would be very grateful.


Three days later I receive a reply -

Apologies for any confusion over this matter when payment was received the call barring was automatically lifted after 2/3 hours.

:lol: - They expect me to be taken in by this? 2/3 hours? oh right, so why isn't it working now and why hasn't it worked since day one!

I don't think so!

Three days to make that up, are things that bad at PN towers?

I'm not going to be fobbed off that easily.

It has never worked - look back through my ticket history I reported it not working on September 1st and it hasn't worked since then, because I have checked!

Apologies for the problems that you have experienced recently. We expect a fix to be in place by the 1st.

Now is that an admission it does not and has not worked?

Also is that the 1st of November, December or maybe next July?