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Vigor 2600 with fixedIP


Vigor 2600 with fixedIP

Has anyone use the Vigor2600 with a fixed IP address and no NAT
I have it working in NAT mode but when i give the router the fixed ip address and give the server's second NIC a static address nothing. Cannot even ping the router!

Any ideas?


Vigor 2600 with fixedIP

Try checking the subnet mask on the servers 2nd netowrk card.

Also i belive some routers only respond to connections from systems in their DHCP scope, hence nat works. Try setting up a reservation rather than a static ip. Might help, its worth a try anyway.

Vigor 2600 with fixedIP

Thanks for the reply
The Subnet mask is correct
The server currently uses a fixed ip address using a different router(ASUS) was hoping to replace this with the Vigor

Vigor 2600 with fixedIP

Hum not sure.

However a reservation is almost the same a static IP. I think that is how +net provide us with static ips.

Basically it just allocates the same Ip address to that system every time that system looks for an IP address. Based on host name or mac address on a lan.
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Vigor 2600 with fixedIP

Hi, I am using a 2600W with a fixed ip address, I have two machines on my Lan that are addressable from the web ( both use local addreses and are running telnet and FTP servers) I use NAT to map the third and fourth fixed IP addresses to local addresses. It all works fine.

I think that the Vigor disables ping replies by default, but it can be changed.

I hope this helps, I have been using the Vigor for about 6 months and no problems so far.


Vigor 2600 with fixedIP

Thanks for your reply. at least i know it can work with this router!
Hmmmm tried that and still will not work. I can now connect to the router
I have the the following
212.***.***.111 Network
212.***.***.222 Router
212.***.***.333 Spare
212.***.***.444 Broadcast is the netmask.

Using Quickstart, Router IP set to 212.***.***.222 net mask to
Enable DHCP checked
Start IP 212.***.***.333
IP count 1
Gateway 212.***.***.222

Anyone any idea where i an going wrong