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View my usage tool


View my usage tool

there is no way a user can download that much on a 2mb connection in that space off time.

here are some calculations based on approx speeds you should be getting on a 2mb connection

DLS = 220K per second
220K * 60 seconds = 13mb per minute
13mb * 60 minutes = 780mb an hour
780mb * 4 hours = 3.12GB

780mb * 6 hours = 4.68GB

I would say there figures are wrong and not calculating or displaying it correctly

even if someone was highjacking your connection via your wireless side there is still no way you can do it, as they will still be limited by your connection/download speed

even if you add your upload speed to this at a constant 26K per second you'll have the following figures

26k * 60 seconds = 1.5mb per minute
1.5mb * 60 minutes = 91mb per hour
91mb * 4 hours = 365mb
91mb * 6 hours = 548mb

but if you max out your upload speeds your download speeds will drop do the overheads involved in sending data

I suggest you put this to F9 and you want to know how you can be downloading

you would have to be downloading at over 2mb per second to obtain reach that figure

2mb * 60 seconds = 120mb
120mb * 60 minutes = 7.2GB
7.2GB * 4 hours = 28.80GB
7.2gb * 6 hours = 43.20GB

so you must be the only person in the country on a 2mb connection that can actually download at a constant rate of 2mb per second, which is theoritically impossible


View my usage tool

The view my usage tool is clearly wrong!

Checked it tonight and it says that today I used 593.02MB between 8am and 4pm and that I used 412.23MB between 4pm and midnight. Given that I switched my PC OFF at 7:30am this morning and have only just switched it back on a few minutes ago I fail to see how I could have used 1005.25MB with my computer off.

I do not have a wireless router.
I am on 2MB Premier.

Also there is a HUGE discrepancy between what "Netmonitor" reports my usage to be since my last billing date and what F9's usage tool is telling me. I started running "Netmonitor" when my new billing month started and it boots up when I switch my PC on and therefore monitors all my net usage. Netmonitor reports my total usage both down and up to be 25.725 GB whereas the F9 usage tool is giving me 35.87GB total usage.

This is a discrepancy of 10GB!!!!

I sincerely hope I do not get put onto any kind of management for F9's inability to monitor my usage properly.

View my usage tool

Further to my post above:
These are total usage figures from my Billing date and thier discrepancies:

              Total reported usage by

04th 3.104GB 3.34GB + 0.236GB
05th 2.625GB 2.69GB + 0.065GB
06th 382.75MB 372.01MB - 10.74MB
07th 1.031GB 1.09GB + 0.059GB
08th 1.220GB 1.22GB + 0.059GB
09th 1.196GB 1.21GB + 0.014GB
10th 3.752GB 3.96GB + 0.208GB
11th 2.176GB 2.75GB + 0.580GB
12th 2.389GB 4.13GB + 1.741GB
13th 2.066GB 3.91GB + 1.844GB
14th 1.353GB 3.34GB + 1.987GB
15th 1.442GB 3.20GB + 1.758GB
16th 1.357GB 3.07GB + 1.713GB
17th 1.661GB 1.60GB - 0.610GB

You will see that it all starts to get out of whack from about the 10th Feb onwards - gettting worse each day - prior to that the stats more or less equate.

Also - Interestingly the reported total usage for 17thFeb is accurate - however the VMBU reports 1005.25MB (0.98GB if my maths are correct) of this to have been used at a time when my computer was switched off. I did the 1.6GB from Midnight to 7:30am that day - not during peak time!!

Anyone from F9 care to comment?
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View my usage tool

With regards to VMBU, there was a problem raised on it yesterday and the tool is being looked into to ensure that it is all accurate.

You say that you're not running a wireless router, but are you using a regular router? If so this could account for some of the difference between your reporting tool and VMBU, though unless something else is happening to your connection, it wouldn't account for the large differences on some days.

View my usage tool

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I use a normal router which has a NAT firewall. I also run the XP firewall, an antivirus program and spybot - all up to date and reporting no problems. Besides which - if the trafic was being generated from my computer then Netmonitor would have picked it up.

I am aware that I might see some discrepancies from what Netmonitor might tell me and what the VMBU says and have made allowances for this when I said that up to the 9th Feb the figures more or less equate.

I have now raised a ticket and suggest that anyone else having similar discrepancies also reports it.
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View my usage tool

It looks odd to me too.

It reports zero usage for me on Friday and Saturday, and whilst no-one was in, the system usually uses about 7MB doing background tasks such as time sync and RSS newsfeed updating.

Also, the monthly view ends on Saturday (the end of my billing period), and the summary shows Monday onwards, so Sunday never existed.

regards, Ian

View my usage tool

Yes theres definitely a problem with the view my usage tool. There's a lot more people reporting problems on the plusnet forums about this (you can view the forums by signing in as username: guest password: guest).

Lots of users are reporting zero usage being shown and others are reporting usage figures which are higher than they should be. I notice that F9 admit there is a problem with the tool showing zero usage (in thier service status anouncements) but give no mention of excess usage being shown for some users.

Thier last announcement just mentions zero usage being shown since the 17th February, but for me it started showing excess usage and incorrect peak time usage from about the 10th February!

I find this worrying because if they do not admit to the tool showing excess usage (and incorrect peak time usages) then those users affected like myself will hit the limits and be throttled through no fault of thier own. For myself the usage tool is showing 10GB more than I have used. Yes thats 10GB!

To be fair F9 have responded to my ticket with:

"Ok thats fine. I have made a note of your account, so this can be looked into as there have been other reports of a similar nature. Please refer back to this ticket for any further contact."

To be honest - I fail to see how it's "fine", but I will wait and see.

So we are now in a situation where we can no longer trust the usage tool. I have been with F9 and Plusnet for many many years with differing account types and have always thought them to be a top notch company but with all thats gone on over the last 6 months or so my faith is rapidly diminishing.

I suggest that everyone who sees a problem with the usage tool open a ticket so that F9 can see just how widespread the problem is and exactly what the problems are, and with a bit of luck those affected wont get throttled or be put on any kind of management through no fault of thier own.

Also - install Netmonitor or some similar tool so that you can monitor your own usage as we can no longer rely on F9/Plusnet to do this for us!

View my usage tool

Hmmm - just read a VERY interesting article on the plusnetters website regarding amongst other things the inacuracies of the VMU tool:

After reading that - its worth reading the followup forum thread especially if like me you use p2p.

View my usage tool

I notice F9 have sent out a service status email stating that the problems with the VMU have been resolved.

Unfortunately it has not been resolved for me. The VMU is still showing that I used 22GB in the week from the 11th to the 17th Feb when my own monitering via NETMONITOR clearly shows that I only used 12.446GB. A difference of 10GB!

Before the 11th my monitering tallys with the VMU and since the 17th my monitering tallys with the VMU. So it is clear that something was wrong with the VMU in the week of the 11th to the 17th.

I reiterate - mine is the only computer to use this connection - I use a normal broadband router (not wireless) - my router has a NAT firewall and is secure from remote access. I do not have any viruses, adware etc - am fully up to date with my antivirus software and this trafic could not have been generated by my computer or Netmonitor would have picked it up.

I have now returned the ticket asking them to look at this again and remove the excess 10GB now showing on the VMU tool for the week in question.

I don't hold out much hope as they have only admited publicly that there was a problem with the VMU showing zero usage not excess usage. I find this a SORRY state of affairs and will be submitting my usage figures to plussnetters who are investigating this very issue. I suggest other users in the same boat do the same.
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View my usage tool

On my VMU tool the total shown is much greater than the sum of the individual days/weeks and is clearly wrong. It was correct up until about Friday.

I have raised a ticket but with no response yet. This happened once before and F9 did nothing about it, letting it run until I ended up being overbilled (I'm on PAYG).

Alas, engineering support and customer service seem to be continuing their steady downward slide.
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View my usage tool

This happened once before and F9 did nothing about it, letting it run until I ended up being overbilled (I'm on PAYG).

I sympathise - for someone on PAYG this is a very serious problem! The most penalty I can expect from this debacle is to be put on some kind of management - if it were to cost me money I would be furious.

I too have heard nothing back since I returned my first ticket but will be posting any response here. I was wondering if you could please do the same. I wish you good luck with this as much as I wish it for myself.

I agree F9/Plusnet are now only a shadow of thier former selves. Sad
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View my usage tool

I finally got a reply to my 'contact us' query as follows:

"We are aware of this issue and the total should be used as the accurate guide in this instance. We are currently working to revise vmbu to eliminate problems such as this.
The problem is caused due to your usage resetting immediately but vmbu taking a number of hours to display stats for the first day in the month. I apologise for the inconvenience this causes.
Regards, "

Still don't understand what he means or what they are going to do to prevent me being overcharged. 'Sorry for the inconvenience' but what about the money?
Democracy - 3 wolves and a lamb voting about what to have for lunch!

View my usage tool


I too have got a reply from contact us:

"We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support
Centre has now escalated your ticket [number 18742875 ]
for further investigation/resolution.

The following comment was added to the ticket
Dear Mrs Sedgwick,
I will pass this onto the escalations team for investigation
Please advise

So I am slightly more hopefull, but will have to wait and see.

the adamsons - if you dont understand what they mean then kick it back to them and ask for a plain english explanation. Or if the problem they are describing is not the one you are experiencing then you need to tell them so.

As they are saying that "the total should be used an an accurate guide" it would seem that they are going to charge you for the total shown unless you can convince them otherwise.

My advice for the future would be to download the freeware tool "Netmonitor" and let it monitor all your internet activity so that you have your own figures to compare to those shown by the VMU tool.

Without Netmonitor I would not have been able to challenge F9 about my own usage figures as I would have had no data on which to back up my argument.

I sincerely hope you can sort this out.

View my usage tool

Everyone might want to check their usage stats again.

Apparently I've used 128.64GB this month already ?!!??!?!?!Huh!?

The fact that the figures are wrong is an annoyance that I could live with.... if only the SUP throttling wasn't based on them.

Why when they're wrong do they never show zero? Always some inflated figure?

I've raised a ticket, but I guess it'll be quite low priority compared with all the other c**p that's going on within F9 at the moment. Did someone promote the teaboy to head of network stability?

View my usage tool

Yep - Im again showing a discrepancy - tho nothing like yours queeg500. My figures are showing an excess of 1GB usage for todays figures compared to what Netmonitor is saying.

Last month F9 finally owned up to the fact that thier figures were wrong but said they couldnt change them on the VMU tool. Here's thier actual ticket response:

Unfortunatly although the problem has been resolve we are not able to alter previouse data.

You are due to be billed on 04/03/2006 at which the point the usage will reset, given your connection speed it is unlikely that you will be able to download enough to have an adverse effect on your account, Also once the usage has been reset this should have no long term damaging result on your account.

If it does then we will address this as and when it arrises.

Kind Regards,

As it was - the discrepancy didnt push me over the limits so I didn't need to follow this up further - but it was dammed annoying all the same.

The service I've had from F9 over the last few months (since about Dec) has been steadily deteriorating to the point where I have decided to leave when I move house in a few weeks.

The almost daily occurences of things both major (like yesterdays debacle) and minor (like intermittant rubish browsing speeds), the almost unfathomable usage policies, inability to trust the vmu, and the steady stream of promises to make things better to only watch them get worse has finally pushed me over the edge.

I've had various F9 and Plusnet accounts almost continuoisly since about 1995/96 (if I remember correctly), and I was planning on staying when I moved - but not any longer.

Like Popeye used to say "Tha's all I can stands, and I can't stands no more!"

Good luck queeg500 - I hope you get it sorted.

Best wishes