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Very slow speeds and can't self test


Very slow speeds and can't self test

I'm getting really slow speeds of 300kbps and less on my 8 meg line. I'm trying to do a self test and it says that i already have a fault raised (which i haven't) and to click to see it. I click the link and it takes me to a generic page.

What's going on? And can someone look at my slow speeds please?

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Plusnet Staff
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Very slow speeds and can't self test


First, regarding the fault checker. I'm not sure why it thinks you have a fault already open, but I've corrected it and you should now be able to raise a fault.

Regarding the actual speed problem, I can't see anything obvious on your account that would cause slow speeds and we've not been informed of any problems in your area. How long has the problem been going on? I'd suggest having a read through this:

to see if anything helps and if not raise it via the checker and it will run a series of remote tests on the line and the fault guys can take a look.

Very slow speeds and can't self test

Thanks for the reply.. but this is becoming a joke now. speedtest:
Date 31/01/07 18:57:28
Speed Down 41.78 Kbps ( 0 Mbps )
Speed Up 155.77 Kbps ( 0.2 Mbps )

Plusnet speedtest
PlusNet Speed Test
Your current speed is:

Can someone check my IP profile and adjust if necessary? Last time i had less than 56k speeds was due to this.