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Very disapointing...


Very disapointing...

I ordered the home worker 2000 package and was charged for the service as of July 1st. It is now the 7th and the start up pack has still not arrived, meaning a week of wasted subscription, plus the fact i have not had net access at all which is vital to my business.

I have rang the help line numerous times, and they have been unhelpful. They have promised to ring me back and tell me what the delay is 3 times now, and i have received no calls. The parcel is sent via parcel force, so surely it should have taken only 1 working day.

I live in Sheffield, in which i understand your company is based. Would it be possible to come down to your offices to collect a start up pack? As the wait now is getting ridiculous. If this is not possible then can i please be given some information as to when the pack will arrive. I also hope that you will compensate me for the time that i have had to wait, which equates to £15 of subscription.

I look forward to a response, thanks.
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Very disapointing...

Hi there,

Although we do try to get hardware delivered within 3 working days it can take much longer. The parcel is sent via parcelforce but it is not sent by guarenteed delivery for a set date. The issue is now with our hardware team and should be picked up tommorow morning.

All I can do with regards to you being called is apologise as it appears that you ticket was closed rather than being returned to the agent who had agreed to call you back.

We will look into any issues of downtime once you have received the hardware but these are dealt with on a case by case basis, just riase the issue through Contact Us and we will address it.