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Very Poor Response


Very Poor Response


Please do not take this as a rant and rave, I genuinley want you to sort your problems out.

Since I can't access my emails due to a problem Plusnet/f9 is having I thought it might be a possibility to use the dial up facility.

So I decided to telephone support to see if this would be possible since I am not privy to just exactly what the fault is, I had hoped that it would be just a Broadband problem.

Has anyone used the telephone just lately to contact support??

It is worse that trying to get through to the correct department in BT or No. 10 and that is saying something. When I press a buton the same menu repeats itself and when I eventually get to press what I thought would be the last button to enable me to talk to someone, yes, you guessed it, I was cut off.

it is as if this ISP does not want to talk to its customers. When I originally migrated to F9, I was able to talk to someone without difficulty. Now it is impossible. Even communicating by online questions takes two days or more.

It's got beyond a joke, I use this broadband connection to get my emails for my business at home and I can't do so. I do not indend to run my business like F9/plusnet.

Very Poor Response

Agree completely - see my new post today.

When will they get their act together :?: