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Ventrilo Throttling


Ventrilo Throttling

I'm suffering huge lag trying to use ventrilo during peak time, after midnight its fine.

3k to 30k pings which make it effectively pointless.

This particular servers port is 3795.

I've checked everything my end, and ended up here for answers. I assume that as this isn't the standard vent port it is being highly throttled? This is a rented service hence I have no control over the port as the other ports will be used for other users servers.

any ideas?

I would hope that intelligent throttling would be able to recognise realtime data, or at least leave the unknown stuff alone unless the user exceeds their bandwidth Sad

Ventrilo Throttling

is that why i cant get vent to work?


ive wasted a good 4 hours on something that plus.not has been spoiling?

i only just installed it and have had loads of online help trying to get it its plus.nets fault?

f'ing sick of this s
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Ventrilo Throttling

im fine using skype. which i beleive is more demanding