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Various feedback - still not useable for me - but better!


Various feedback - still not useable for me - but better!

Generally alot better and well done.

My constructive feedback, in priority order, include:

1) Spam! - I get around 200-300 email's per day and and at least 50% of these are spam (only about 1% get flagged as Spam by the Spam net Spam filter set to maximum). This means I have to trawl through hundreds of emails to actually try and spot the important ones - thereby making webmail unusable. This is not such an issue in Outlook as I use the Norton anti-spam add-in that works 90% of the time. Please, please, please can the Plusnet spam systems be dramatcially improved - allowing automatic filtering of spam (automatically moved to a spam folder?). This is my main problem with your web mail system - other ISP's anti-spam is better!.

2) Speed - still extremely slow to open, sort etc.
3) Sorting by date does not seem to work - alot of email's not in date order
4) More than 200 email's to be listed?
5) Contacts import - can the default field map be set-up tomatch the default outlook (I imported 349 contacts and the fields were all over the place)

There are probably many more minor annoyances but overall - if the Spam and Speed issues can be resolved - then a much improved service!

Many thanks and best


Various feedback - still not useable for me - but better!

Please read the latest annoucment about the anti-spam platform, in which upgrades have been made.

Thanks - but will still not do the job!

Hi Philip

Many thanks for your response - I was aware of this new facility, and I have set-up thisisspam@.... and thisisnotspam@..... I have also set-up rules in outlook to automatically forward spam to these addresses - however this still does not redress the core issue. The solution to forward spam to this "learning" engine is too manual and as spammers generally use one-off addresses this feature is pretty useless. As the main reason I want to try to use webmail is when I'm on the road then having to forward spam to teach the system means that the spam will still get into my mailbox and cause me issues. What I really need is the spam filtered out either before it hits my mailbox, or, automatically moved to a spam folder. These "self help" / learning systems are all well and good however as spammers use one-off addresses and the time required negate any real value. Ideal to use an industry leading spam filtering system - not expect the users to have to try and manually maintain!