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VPN traffic faster over GPRS?


VPN traffic faster over GPRS?

From time to time I work from home, and today is one of those days.

Previously when using other providers I could download over the vpn at near normal speeds 110kB/sec on a 1mb link.

Today on PlusNet I appear to hit a max download of 10kB/sec over the VPN which makes outlook pratically useless (even in cached mode).
Is this down to the packetshaping that PlusNet do?

The vpn solution is a Cisco one so I would presume its fairly common...

Any help would be appreciated.


ps a ping to the vpn responds in a consistent 40ms response currently about 9 hops away
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VPN traffic faster over GPRS?

VPN should be fine on PlusNet. Think it actually has one of the top priorities. It's always been fine for me.

Although I think I read somewhere that PlusNet where having problems with slow VPN when the VPN connection was between 2 PlusNet connections that where both connected to the same gateway. Could this be the problem? I don't know for sure if that particular bug still exists as a member of staff (Dave maybe, going off memory) said that the networks team where onto it. A quick search of the forums might reveal if it was fixed or not.


VPN traffic faster over GPRS?

Thanks for the response.

The other end of the VPN is not on PlusNets network, I get routed to a different continent depending on the response time, i generally come in through Europe which is the point that pinged/tracert to.

Feel quite frustrated so far with PlusNet, signed up to then be told that the usage allowances were going to be drastically changed and now this.

Thanks for you help.

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VPN traffic faster over GPRS?

Hi there,
Your VPN traffic on our network really shouldn't be that slow. Might be worth raising a ticket using the Contact Us tool so our team can investigate to see if there's a problem with your line or the network profile you're on.