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VP capacity problems at my exchange


VP capacity problems at my exchange

I have very variable download speeds on my PAYG connection. This may be due to something at PlusNet's part of the network, but I put down to constant VP capacity problems at my exchange.

Firstly, what exactly is VP capacity and what exactly is happening (in terms of VP capacity) when Usertools is showing VP capacity status to be red.

Secondly, I find that my VP capacity regularly goes red (I havn't been keeping track but I reckon it's in a Red status for at least 4mnths of the year!). BT provide an approximate fix date and rarely stick to it... often being a month late on their estimated fix date which is already a month after the problem first started to occur. Can PlusNet do anything to get BT to fix these problems faster?

Thirdly, when I EVENTUALLY get moved onto PlusNet's LLU service in conjunction with EasyNet, will this constant VP problem disappear?

While on the subject of PlusNet LLU through EasyNet... anyone able to comment on when PAYG customers will start getting switched over?

Many thanks!
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VP capacity problems at my exchange

VP capacity is capacity between BT at your exchange onto the ADSL network. So unfortuantely it's out of Plusnet's hands and will be the same whatever provider you are with.

Moving to an LLU'd solution would indeed solve this problem.

VP capacity problems at my exchange

Cheers Martin! Any ideas why the VP capacity goes Red so frequently? my educated guess is that there is a huge demand for BB in my area and as soon as BT add more capacity it's quickly swallowed up by new users?

OR BT simply isn't adding enough capacity?

OR BT isn't doing anything about it except for changing the status back to Green and waiting for someoen to raise an issue again?

Anyone know what kind of service to expect from EasyNet in terms of VP capacity in comparison to BT?


bajaria think your right my exchange vp has been red for 6 weeks [bt have "fixed it for 1 day in 2 months [it went to amber then back to red]it realy hurts my online gaming peak time but u complpain to bt they just ignore you so try the isp route maybe with biggerhammer u can crack bt's nut
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VP capacity problems at my exchange

In my own experience an exchange is only marked as red when speeds get to below 400kbps on a 2Mb account.

Once this happens it seems to trigger off a red status, and BTw will set a fix date.

The problem with this and exchange may be red.. then for a few days a couple of the "heavies" lay off, and things go back above the magic 400.. and voila.. its not a red situation anymore.
This swing can happen for many weeks/months.

Now IMHO (and this is just a theory).. but the fix date isnt really a fix date.. its a more of a "lets look at the situation"...
and if your exchange has swung back to green inbetween the date it was reported red and the "fix date".. then sorry tough... but it wont get done Sad

I do sympathise.. been there... done it... got the battlescars.