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VP Capacity problems!

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VP Capacity problems!

What cause's VP Capacity problems with local exchangesHuh

Burnham-on-sea exchange is so s****!!!
within a month its turned from
Green > Amber > Green > RED!!!!!!

During the amber, peak time slow & massive packet loss & problems!!!
Then the ETA fix came and for a day it was fine! Broadband again!

Then had loads of prolems, slow downs and latency!
Now i just checked it, and its Red again! ETA 6th apr!

This is really annoying! it looks like BT only free'd up bandwidth and not add any! i dred the day dslMAX come's out!

With 7,500 local's on 2Mbit is slow!
4,500* on 8Mbit & the rest on 2 mbit (* Due to reach issues not everyone will get dslMAX) its gunna be non-exsistant!

Can plusnet do anything to encourage BT or get tiscali down here with a LLU! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz this ain't worth the money and the hassle!

BTW-- Fantasic job maintenance guys!!! portal well fast!!!

VP Capacity problems!

... and things can only get worse!

I'm on Sheffield Woodhouse exchange ( yes, just up the road from Plusnet) and my exchange VP only goes from red to green and back to red. No ambers in Sheff.

At least it's one thing (along with the weather) that you can't honestly blame Plusnet for. Sadly!

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VP Capacity problems!

Ray. I think you should stop using your internet immediately!!!!

(I'm on the same exchange, would free up bandwidth for me LOL : :twisted: )

VP Capacity problems!

I got the same problem with wickerlseys exchange. Also I got the same fix date, 6th April. I'm presuming mine is related to the exchange upgrade...
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Plusnet Staff
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VP Capacity problems!

Each exchange has one or more DSLAM's which your phone line connects to, and each DSLAM will have multiple virtual paths (VP's). The exact number and size will depend on several factors but the most important being the number of customers on an exchange.

As you can probably imagine some exchanges will be busier than others and may have a rapid increase in new signups, whilst others will have a steady trickle.

In the main BT will plan the capacity at the exchange as best they can, but sometimes they won't be able to for number of reasons (new signups increase at an increased rate perhaps through local promotion of broadband, the number of heavy users in an area increases at a higher rate than light users, problems occur with the exchange equipment, the upgrade schedule falls behind or extra work is required to increase capacity such as building extensions or new fibre laying).

Also some exchanges may go from red to green to amber to red to amber to red, etc. not because all VP's are reaching capacity, but because one gets to capacity and is then fixed then another, then that's fixed, then a third and so it goes on. So it may look like the exchange is constantly going red, but it might just be one VP out of 20 each month over 3 or 4 months.