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VMBU. what dates count in as a month :?:


VMBU. what dates count in as a month :?:

Just a quicky to clarify :?:

When reading The VMBU and working out how close we are to our peak usage etc, how do we count as the total amount used Huh
is it month to month ( straight beginning to end of month) or is it Bill date to bill date ?? because if its bill date to bill date its confusing because the VMBU shows data collected before this, so total amount used would be wrong.
i.e. my bill date is on the 5th of the month but my usage show stacks more than if I just add up since the 5th, so usage from my last months billed period has been included in this months billed period.
But if its straight month counted( beginning to end) then that also confuses because usage is then being carried over If you see what I mean..

Proberly haven't explained it too well Smiley but I'm sure you get the gist of what I am trying to say..
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VMBU. what dates count in as a month :?:

The VMBU uses your billing date.

Your usage is not reset at midning on your first billing day, it can take up to a day for the various scripts to run to rest it. You should see a billing reset ticket under contact us which indicates the billing reset has completed, until that appears your billing continues to accumulate from last month.

Sometimes the billing is not reset and if that happens you need to raise a ticket to get it fixed, but wait at least a day after the start of your billing day before reporting it.