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VMBU - incorrect usage


VMBU - incorrect usage

I opened this ticket on the 15th June, as I am still being shown two month's usage, and if this don't reset in 3 days time, it will probably show 3 month's usage. :x

I have been on to PN a few times about this, as I received an email from them, warning me that I soon be over my 10GB peak time usage ( which is incorrect ), as I always try to download outside peak times, and as a result I am concerned that my broadband will be restricted somehow.

It seems, according to the following update from PN ( as pasted below ),that this has now been RESOLVED, not mine it has'nt. All I keep getting from PN is that, the problem will be resolved very shortly.

VMBU showing usage period longer than 1 month - (Ref 32865) - RESOLVED

This issue was caused by a problem processing the VMBU reset script for a small amount of customers (63). The underlying problem has now been resolved and affected customers will now see VMBU showing the correct billing period.