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VMBU Update?


VMBU Update?

Everything should be rosy shouldn't it?

21/08/2006 @ 17:09 VMBU Problem (Ref 34789) - NEW
We have identified a problem with View My Broadband Usage (VMBU) Tool. This is a further complication from the power problems on Thursday. At present VMBU may not be showing usage after around 1pm today. We have been able to switch over to our secondary systems, but due to the complications the data showing in VMBU will be behind.

Usage data is still being collected, however if any customers exceed their peak time usage allowances, emails may not be sent until tomorrow.

In order to avoid any further issues we will be waiting until tomorrow morning to update the data to avoid making changes during peak hours. We expect VMBU to be fully caught up by tomorrow lunch time.

Kind Regards,

Dave Tomlinson
Customer Support

Still no usage from today or yesterday
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Plusnet Staff
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VMBU Update?


It's still catching up, should be back showing yesterday's and today's usage around 6pm.