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VMBU Talks Bollards!


VMBU Talks Bollards!

Totally made up figures.....

Thats all that this shiny little graph represents.

When +net want to screw down your usage for fear of going above their draconian cap, they simply add in a few extra gig on the "Other" section.

Who are we mere mortals to question them?

Personally, I thought these super-duper network management devices +net spent the proverbial 2 appendages on, to be "we are the greatest ISP in the whole wide word so we are!!!!", would be able to provide better stats than "Other".....

Good <choose deity>!!!!

It bites +net!!!!....It really does!

My Stats show that I have been using:

Usenet....I dont!..
FTP..........I dont!
Streaming......ummmmmmm nope!
Email.............not a chance....all my emailing is done via Terminal Services to the office!!!
The Other........While I agree that port 3389 (Terminal Services) can be classed as other...If I use almost 2Gig on TS, then something is SERIOUSLY borked with my Term Server in the office!!!!!

VMBU Talks Bollards!

Apparently my email usage is ~180MB - I had no idea that predominantly text emails were so large :roll:

Their "deep packet inspection" just isn't deep enough.

VMBU Talks Bollards!

Agree about bollocks usage meter. How do I end up with 1.5 gig of broadband phonecalls when I don't even know how to make one. Any help appreciated.
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VMBU Talks Bollards!

I'm locking this one off in favour of this topic, by the same OP.