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VMBU Off-peak classed as peak

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VMBU Off-peak classed as peak

Yep sorry this is another VMBU post :?

However I seem to have a slightly different problem. I used the connection all day Sunday and certainly some of this was before 4pm (I was listening to the radio in the morning).

However looking at my stats:

It seems all the usage has been classed as peak. Some of this was peak later in the day, but I had expected a non-zero peak and off-peak figure.

I don't know if all of the usage during the day has shown up as peak, or my off-peak just hasn't been included. However I suspect the former since the peak usage would have probably been less than 77.13Mb.

It's not exactly a lot of bandwidth I know. However having changed from Premier to Plus with the reduced peak-time allowance, I am just glad I didn't download a couple of Gb off-peak to find it being classed as peak and being put onto management.

Can someone look at this?