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Utter Joke


Utter Joke

Right. As some of you know i've been getting disconnects, dsl light going off etc. I go to report the problem, in contact us. But, in the last 40 minutes, it's lost sync 4 times. 3 times when trying to report the problem. It is just a joke now. I've done all the stuff like reinstalled software, swap filters. all that stuff. And no luck.

I just want to report the problem.

Can i just point out. It is now 5 times in last 50 minutes. It has lost sync twice while writing this. It is gone beyond a joke now. I know it is not PlusNets side of things this. But, all i want to do is report the fault. And, hopefully.. yes. 'HOPEFULLY' get it sorted. I am going to write some more because since the last lost sync on router while writing this it has not come back on. So, the time is no 3:47pm, and when the topic is posted. It is back on. Twice it has gone off for more than 10 minutes. The weather is bad here at the moment. But this happens rain or shine. And i'm going to have major problems trying to report this problem as it is doing this all the time now.

Obviously it is the phone line. And if you want to see the whole story look for topic 'DSL Light off / Internet Down' or something.

Also. When i reporting, i've got to answer all these questions? Like a questionaire? Why can't i just e-mail saying the problem. It will take less time. And maybe, within the 4 minutes of writing it my Internet might just stay up for more than 5 minutes.

Utter Joke

Hi there,

You already have a thread running concerning your current problems.

There is no real need to open a new thread each time you need to post an update.

Feel freee to append any new information to your earlier thread here

As such I'm locking this one.

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Utter Joke


When raising a problem we do need the sixteen questions, for an intermittent problem, answered in as much detail as possible. As these are required by BT before we can raise the problem to them.

If you're having problems raising it online, and don't have internet access elsewhere, you can always call the support staff and they can raise the fault on your behalf.