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User regrades


User regrades

Just an idea I had -

At the moment it seems that when someone asks for a regrade, Plusnet wait for the conformation back from BT before adjusting the PN network throttle. The problem with this is that BT usually seem to do the regrade within a couple of days, but the confirmation seems to take a week or so to come back (or you are just waiting for the official 5-7 days allocated time).

Why not adjust the throttle when you request the regrade, and only adjust the throttle back again if the regrade failed?
That way, customers get the fastest speed available to them when the BT work is completed. Also, you might cut down on the amount of calls made (and forum posts) when someone is regraded but they see bad download speeds.

Personally, I've been waiting nearly a week for my throttle to be lifted to 2Mbs after BT regraded me.

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User regrades

Good idea but you shouldn't have to wait a week for the throttle to be lifted if you give CS a ring they will do it there and then it takes less than a minute.

User regrades

Very true. Previously I've submitted a ticket and it came back to me within an hour or so. I'm at work though, so I'd prefer to just have a call actioned rather than call.
But if a call is what it takes.....!

In the mean time however, if a kind reader wants to action 17159027, please feel free!