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Usenet questions to PN customers


Usenet questions to PN customers

Hello to all,

After sitting back and watching the ISP market and the changes that PN have made over the last few months (im not happy with the lack of communication about recent changes), I have a few questions to ask to all the PN usenet users who seem to frequent these and other forums with the same complaints.

1. I would have thought 15GB is more than enough for what NNTP is intended to be used for. Even using some photography groups etc and viewing pictures people have posted, you'd be hard pressed to use 15GB.

2. Without going into what you get from newsgroups, if it was all 100% legal - cant you get it using HTTP easier? I mean linux distros, utilities and game patches are virtually all (if not all) obtainable over HTTP, so why not use that?

3. Even using bittorrent (this doesn't apply to BB+), you can get all of the above, if you dont want to use HTTP (and/or the server sending you the info is slow).

It just seems to me that theres lots of whiners who dont want to pay for the bandwidth to obtain questionable content, PN have not killed usenet at all for what I can see to be perfectly legit uses. As mentioned by lots of people here, the free ride is over - you want 'unlimited' or lots of bandwidth from NNTP, you'd be better off with another provider.

For the record I do use NNTP for many text only based groups and have no problems at all, thats because I never get near the 'full speed' 15GB limit.

Usenet questions to PN customers

I don't download more than 15gb per month on usenet either, but I don't want to be constantly checking my Bandwidth usage. I guess its the idea of having 30\100 limits but having a certain protocol throttled way below that limit is where the problem lies. Whether its questionable content or available elsewhere is a little besides the point to be honest. The former is a matter for the rights holder and the person doing the downloading and the latter makes the assumption that people should have to skip between protocols just in order to get what they need. I don't want a free ride. I do want a bit of fairness and consistency. The most I have ever downloaded in a month is about 35gb so I don't class myself as a bandwidth hog.

Usenet questions to PN customers

Hi guys,

There is already a long running thread covering all the existing usenet issues.

It must be difficult for the Comms team to keep track of and respond to so many threads covering similar issues.

I know its time consuming from a modding point of view.

I would be grateful if posts such as this were added to the existing thread rather than starting a new topic. That way all the queries and issues are in the one place. People might even find that many of their questions have already been answered.

This is in no way trying to hide issues, just simply trying to tidy the boards and ficus attention.

As such, I am locking this one.

Please feel free to contribute to This thread