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Usenet : do any servers work?


Usenet : do any servers work?

I've tried using, and whilst it seems to connect it doesn't get any new messages, or be able to retrieve those belonging to headers I managed to download whilst on (message no longer available on server). I also tried with the same results, server seems to be empty!

I get the best (and i wouldn't call it good) from
Any postings I've seen and responses to them leave me thinking that PN don't really know whats wrong. Great faith is put in the new platform coming soon, but time will tell. I really can't say if I'll be around for the end credits though.
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Usenet : do any servers work?

You can't just swap between news servers without deleting and redownloading newsgroups because they have different article IDs.

Sorry but thats not quite true

1. I noticed this on my desktop machine, and it maybe so in OE, that the groups need refreshed if you change servers.
2. I am now on my laptop using forte agent and I can change the server and access bodies even if the header was downloaded via another server. Isn't the article ID created when the post is uploaded and propogates with it, i.e its unique to the post and the same on any news server?