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Usenet and RIN

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Registered: 12-08-2007

Usenet and RIN

Here’s one for all you experts out there:

PAYG RIN connection
Easynews test download from Website not via news reader

Time 0820 speed 650kB/s
Time 1704 speed 90kB/s

Changed to PN PAYG connection
Time 1710 speed 460kB/s

Changed back to RIN Trial
Time 1716 speed 90kB/s

Standard Speed Test whilst connected Via RIN was 6892kbps (sorry didn't do one when connected to PN)

I had noticed that when I first tried out RIN (before e-mail was sent) it was all very fast. But for at least the last week Usenet has slowed down at peak times. HTTP is fine.

Not a complaint just an observation

It looks as if there is rate limiting of Usenet on the RIN trial.

Anyone like to comment.