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Usenet Problems


Usenet Problems

Below is a section of a post made by Ian Wild on the 9th December 2003 at 10:46 to "Announcements/Service Updates" and I quote

"What has now become apparent is that our existing Usenet platform is no longer capable of supporting the demands placed upon it. This is both as a result of the significant increase in our Broadband userbase and also because Usenet itself has continued to grow exponentially. A 'good' binary newsfeed now requires at least 700GB of new data per day. This data must be collected and stored by our news platform. The limitations of our current Usenet platform mean we cannot currently take this amount of news.

We can now announce that a project is underway to overhaul our current Usenet platform. This will include the installation of higher specification equipment and additional servers. We will also be replacing the current Usenet server software (which we have used, without change, for some 5 years) with a newer, much more efficient, software solution. Work has already started on building the new Usenet platform and the estimated completion date for this is February 2004. Once the installation is completed, it will take a further month for the news-servers to collect complete article listings and as such our target date for launch of the new Usenet platform is March 2004. We believe our target will be easily achievable and work is already well underway, with much of the required equipment, ordered specifically for the overhaul, having been delivered already.

Once the new platform is operational, we expect to offer a vastly improved Usenet service. While, as we have stated before, we do not aim to compete with the premium subscription based Usenet providers, we are confident that following the overhaul we will be able to offer a newsgroup service which is as good as, if not better than, any other provided by a UK ISP. "

End Quote

Given that if I recall correctly the system has not perfromed very well since then, and a quick read through "Announcements/Service Updates" will show an alarming number of announcements and updates pertaining to the Usenet server etc.which would seem to confirm that fact .If I recall correctly I seem to remember reading that you were having problems with the "readers" in September/October 2004

So what has gone wrong and perhaps it is time for Plusnet to consider a couple of options.

1) Get a refund on the cost of the aforementioned equipment, as it is not functioning correctly and it would seem never has.

2) Give up on Usenet completely as it does not seem to be one of your stronger points; so at least I for one would know where I stand as regards Usenet, instead of this constant will it or won't it work today/this hour situation

Usenet Problems

Binary newsgroups are a huge bandwidth hog for any ISP and considering it's provided as sort of a "free" tag on service to our ADSL subscriptions I wouldn't be surprised if PN would like to ditch this service altogether but the obvious downside is that doing so may cost them customers both new and existing.

I left Pipex for this very reason. Newsgroups were running appalingly for months and they kept stating that it was a hardware problem and they were sorting it etc etc. 8 months went past and nothing changed. I then finally managed to weedle out of a customer service operative that they had been limiting newsgroup downloads for quite some time yet they failed to tell me and quite frankly lied to me on numerous occasions.

It wouldn't suprise me in the slightest if some of these techincal issues were invented to purposely reduce the amount of bandwidth being used by the newsgroups over a given period. Whenever it's taking a hit suddenly theres a "technical problem" and speeds and general usabilty plummet. Call me a cynic, it's just I have a funny feeling of deja vu coming on.

Usenet Problems

Call me a cynic, it's just I have a funny feeling of deja vu coming on.

Perhaps I am not as cynical as yourself....... but must admit to having some misapprehensions about this one; especially as it comes on the back of an apparent fit of generosity on Plusnets part namely paying BT £5 per customer to have everyones line upgraded to the fastest speed their line is capable of, at no cost to the customer, and then introducing a new product of £21.99 for an up to 2meg virtually unrestricted connection when everyone else is still charging £29+, and you yourself would know what Pipex are charging for an equivelent product. So in my opinion something somewhere has to give, and as you say the binary newsgroups are big bandwidth hogs: so usenet is a fairly obvious target, and us "punters" have no real way of telling if it is actually a fault (and after this amount of time, work and expense I would expect it to be almost perfect by now) or management via a back door.

Only time will tell I suppose

Usenet Problems

its a shame as i pay a fortune for a good news service. Around £40 a month. Ide be happy to pay that money directly to PN but thier news service is nowhere near. If they could offer something near to the subscription service it would be great.

I dont know about anybody else, but ive recieved my line upgrade and ive not experienced any speed increase, its not worth having from where im sitting.

Even the speedtest on the connection settings option give me a speed of 496.6 which while faster that ADSL 500, its FAR from ADSL 2000 which i should be on! Ide be interested to know what others may be recieving!

Shame as my mate who is on AOHell is getting download speeds or around 130Kbps from multiple torrents on his 2meg connection, and thats stupid AOHell. What is happening PNHuh

the ZC