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Usage statistics always behind time


Usage statistics always behind time


I recently got a notification that I had exceeded my quota of hours.

Fair enough. I don't use the WWW recereationally and the two protocols I use most (email and usenet) are very fast.

The weeks before the "wicked one" I had logged on for piffling amounts of time. The wicked excess was created by my whacking two or three web sites for off line browsing.

What I do find most disconcerting is the fact that the usage statistics have such a time lag that they are rendered practically useless. I know for a fact that I logged on Monday to collect mail. I also know that last night(Tuesday) I spent some unknown anount of time whacking another web site.

My usage statistics for the Monday and Tuesday show at this point in time (early hours of Thursday) sweet Fanny Adam.

My problem is that I don't know how much time I have left. I'm not expecting the usage stats to be updated in real time but surely every 24 hours wouldn't be too much to hope for.




RE: Usage statistics always behind time


The notification was made to your account due to the policing script running twice in 24 hrs due to the clocks going back on Sunday.

I will raise this on your account and ensure that the notification will be removed.

We will be rolling out a new version of the usage stats shortly but due to the ammount of data that is generated from our RADIUS servers the stats will still need to time to generate.

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Dave Watson.

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RE: Usage statistics always behind time

Thanks for the info about clocks and going overtime.

Will the usage stats have the same degree of lag when he new system is rolled out?