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Usage overstated (VMBU)


Usage overstated (VMBU)

I recently received an email from PlusNet warning me that my account was about to be managed as my usage was high. Alarm bells rang!

The usage stats on the PlusNet site showed a steady increase in my usage over the last 2 months and that did not fit my real usage. It looked like usage was being applied to my account that was nothing to do with me.

PlusNet provided me with a log of my connection times and all appeared OK. So to prove my theory I turned my broadband modem off for 2 days and during this time 238MB usage was recorded against my account!

I have reported this to PlusNet, provided them with evidence, and after a week of hastling them they have finally accepted that the VMBU is recording the wrong usage on my account. Having admitted that my usage figures are wrong, using them as the basis of a decision to manage my account is both unfair and a breach of contract.

Based on these incorrect figures my account is now being managed and I have made a formal complaint to the Customer Service Director asking for all restrictions on my account usage to be removed until this matter is resolved. Watch this space Evil .

Now the battle has begun to try and get them to do something about it. If other people are having this problem I suggest they report it to PlusNet and follow it up vigorously. Perhaps if enough customers complain they will do something about it!


Usage overstated (VMBU)

if you hadnt already read the other threads in this forum, then it seems you arent alone in this sadly Sad well hey it could be worse. you could have +net not resetting your usage counter completely then throttling you to some pathetic speed for a whole month because they fail to recognize May as a month in their calendar :lol: i jest, and i'm sure they've got the best monkeys-er people on the job of fixing things :lol: once again i joke because there's not much more that you can do but laugh, when you're being shafted by a company that was previously trustworthy but then hit the big bucks and decided that CS wasnt a necessity.

such is the state of our country nowadays eh?

Usage overstated (VMBU)

My problem is the opposite, for me the new vmbu stats are lower than they should be!!!

Perhaps you could change the poll options to:

I think so,
No, my stats are fine
No, the new VMBU is understating my usage