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Usage Meter


Usage Meter

Last night at around 9-20pm I turned off my pc - so I was not surfing the internet after that time
I turned on the pc at around 7-30am this morning
Now the meter has a statement
"The statistics shown on this page will not include any online activity in the last two hours – you should bear this in mind, particularly if you are approaching the usage included with your account. Usage is measured in amount of data downloaded and uploaded."
But it is showing I've used
Wed 31 August 0.11mb OK a small amount - but there should not be any amount there - should there?
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Usage Meter

When I am away from home my router 'talks' to the 'world', it is common is have my router log up to 200 mb at other times it is 0 mb. If you dont want this to happen then you could unplug your router.Your hardware likes to talk.

Run some anti spyware and AV just to be sure though.
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Re: Usage Meter

But it is showing I've used Wed 31 August 0.11mb

I'm told that this is very normal. I too have exactly the same figure this morning after powering up - 0.11Mb.

Usually my pc is "always on", as is my connection "Always downloading". Since I've been trying to be a good boy, I've been switching off more often. Wink


Usage Meter

This is interesting in light of plus net's intention to disconnect BB+ customers who's connection is idle as last night I also turned off the router and there is no usage shown - so it's obvious that as midville said "my router 'talks' to the 'world"
The implication being the router keeps the connection "busy"
Thanks both for your replies
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Usage Meter

It is not your router 'talking to the world' but more likely the world trying to talk to your router - i.e. port scans from other PCs or infected PCs trying to infect you.

This kind of 'internet noise' as it is called, is likely to be ignore by PlusNet for the purposes of determining whether your line is idle or not because you have no control over it.

What you are seeing is what everyone gets now which is why firewalls (either in the routers or software on the PC) are recommended to deal with this data and block it.