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Us and Them Argument


Us and Them Argument

I keep hearing the us(>10gb) and them(<10gb) argument and feel the need to at least clarify what the situation really is.

I think that the limits etc that have been placed on the accounts do not benefit anyone except Plusnet. Even if I downloaded 5gb a month I would still be up in arms as I would have still signed up for an unlimited(or no limts) and no traffic shaped account.

I think the reason why the minority arent up in arms isnt because they understand plusnets position but because plusnet hasnt told them anything has changed.

They are still in the dark and it seems plusnet wants it that way.

I read an email from one of the heads of marketing which apologised for some changes in JULY. He said in this email that in future the customer would be informed of all new changes. This it seems has not been done so now the majority have been fooled again.

I also think the way that Plusnet have excused their behaviour is by complicating the process so that anyone with a minimal amount of computer knowledge wouldnt even understand what they have LOST.

All in all its a disgusting(IMO) way of doing business but it seems to be how business is done round here.

I do feel bad for the people on the front line who have to try and cover up some of the worst lies. Especially today when I spoke to customer services. The chap couldnt really give any answers and in the end admitted that he understood why I wasnt happy.

Its a shame that the deal makers or policy changes dont get made to answer the phones after some of their new term changes, although I get the feeling that they dont really care what the customer thinks or feels as long as s/he pays the monthly invoice.

Sometimes its easier being in the dark when your being ripped off.

I wont be unhappy leaving Plusnet as I feel that a isp shouldnt(and hasnt in the last 10 years) be this difficult.
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Us and Them Argument

well said Evil Evil

Us and Them Argument

progomez that is a really honest and sad post, unfortunately it will probably sail over too many heads on here. Best of luck m8 wherever you land.

Us and Them Argument


Us and Them Argument

I'm leaving due to cra***p service - CSS game pings gone thru roof, constant disconnections etc. Can't wait to be gone - Sunday (fingers crossed) PN and their hollow excuses for why their service is so rubbish will be history.

Us and Them Argument

a thoroughly excellent and honest post.

You have said (very eloquantly) what a great many of us are feeling at the moment, and I salute you sir.

if i can just figure out a way to get out of my 1 year contract. Boy, was that the worst mistake of my life.
Once my next set of exams are out the way I shall be leaving too, even if i have to pay through the nose to do so. I've not even played CSS for ages, due to my course, but I don't like the sound of the appaling pings on top of everything else.

PN have/will make plenty of money out of people like us, who are disgusted with the service and will gladly pay the penalty to go elsewhere.... They are laughing all the way to the bank no doubt.