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Upto 8MB - Minimum acceptable speeds?


Upto 8MB - Minimum acceptable speeds?

Hi all

I was wondering if have a specified minimum acceptable download speed for their "upto" 8Mb service, or if that word upto means exactly that?

I live miles away from our exchange so I was not expecting particularly high speeds on ADSL max. However, I dont classify a steady 100Kb download as acceptable broadband speeds, especially when my neighbours without Max get steady 512Kb downloads on their lines?

What I really want to know is whether I should be paying £21.99 a month for an unacceptable broadband service?

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Upto 8MB - Minimum acceptable speeds?

Have you tried the BT Speedtest?

Upto 8MB - Minimum acceptable speeds?

Yes I have and it's giving me the same speeds. I dont think there is a fault with my line, I am just not convinced with this ADSL Max technology for those of us on dodgy lines miles away from our exchange.

I dont expect speeds any faster than 512Kbps, but 100Kbps seems hardly worth paying for. Surely there is a freshold where 'broadband' actually ceases to be broad in any sense of the word, and in fact becomes narrow-band. The terms and conditions do not seem to stipulate this?

Upto 8MB - Minimum acceptable speeds?

Kitz has a great site for finding more info.
Check it out here

There is a page here which give info on acceptable speeds for Max, below is a portion of that page.

Connection Home Office
2 Mbps 400 - 2000 kbps 800 - 2000 kbps
1 Mbps 200 - 1000 kbps 400 - 1000 kbps
512 kbps 100 - 500 kbps 200 - 500 kbps
256 kbps 50 - 250 kbps

These speeds are the limits set by BTw, with speeds outside these limits being reportable to BTw as a fault.
There are conditions which must be followed before a fault can be raised, and rather than posting Kitz'z entire site here, I reccomend that you follow the links and have a read of the full page, in the correct context.

Edit: Altered quote to make table easier to read

Upto 8MB - Minimum acceptable speeds?

Thanks James, thats a very useful site.

Unfortunately for me, it would seem my consistent speeds of just over 100Kbps are actually just within the minimum acceptable speed limit.

Upto 8MB - Minimum acceptable speeds?

My MaxDSL connection seems to have stabilised at about 5.5mb

I'm happy with this, but not sure if it what I should be expecting. My router stats are below.