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Upload speeds


Upload speeds

I am currently on the 20:1 variant of Broadband Premier and I have had confirmation that when I am upgraded it will be to IP Stream Office Max (higher network priority; up to 800kbps upload speed). I am also on an exchange which is listed as a Tiscali LLU candidate.

A benefit cited of LLU is that "residential customers [will experience] upload speeds of upto 800kbps, which is not possible on the BT MaxDSL service."

I presume that if I continue to pay the 20:1 premium, I will definitely stay with BT - after all, if I got switched to Tiscali there'd be no reason to pay the extra - or do Tiscali have a "premium" product as well?

However, if I stopped paying the 20:1 premium it looks like I'd get switched to Tiscali and get the same 800kbps upload speed that I would with BT. So - aside from the oft-discussed problems of migration - is there any other benefit of Office Max over Tiscali that justifies the extra cost?

Ta muchly!

(Richard Smith)

Upload speeds

The contention of 20:1 I believe would not be the same on the Tiscali LLU. I would think you would be looking at more like 50:1.

Although the contention hasnt showed to improve much, I am guessing as more and more people get MaxDSL contention will be a major ball player. If I was you I would stick with BT on the 20:1 ratio until Tiscali offer a 20:1 ratio broadband that is higher than 8mbs.

If Tiscali already do 20:1 connections on their LLU obviously it would be cheaper to change, which is obviously more beneficial.
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Upload speeds

I'd hope that someone you know on your exchange goes on to Tiscali LLU - then compare their experience with yours and decide.
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