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Upload Speeds


Upload Speeds

I'm using 2Mb Premier and understand that once my exchange can handle it I will be upgraded to 4Mb or even 8Mb, which is great for download.

But what I really want is greater upload speeds.

I have a friend who is emigrating to Australia in May and we will be Video conferencing on a regular basis but even for VC's to UK locations, the upload speeds can cause problems, particularly when you have 3 people involved, as with iChat. With the increase in digital photography, more and more photos are being sent via email and sometimes these can take an age to send, but receiving is super-quick. I'm sure many people would be happpy with 4Mb download if they could get a faster upload to send photo's via email and to be able to see relatives in far off lands clearly etc. 8 Mb and higher will come along anyway in time but what's the point if upload speeds remain at a painfully slow 256K.

Even doubling the upload speeds would be better than the 256K we get now. I know that greater upload speeds are available on some of Business packages but Free-Online could steal the march on other ISP by offering greater upload speeds to Residential customers as standard.
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Upload Speeds

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to offer faster upload speeds on standard ADSL connections, as BT has set this to 256k, no matter what the product is.

Though this is going to be changing with DSLMax, as it is possible to get a faster upload speed, providing your line will support it, though an increased speed isn't guaranteed.

As for these being available elsewhere, it is possible to get faster upload speeds on both cable and LLU packages, which is why some companies can already offer them. Similarly, BT do supply some SDSL packages, where the upload speed is the same as the download speed, but these are expensive and not widely available.