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Upgrading to Connect can save you money!


Upgrading to Connect can save you money!

Dear Customer,

Great news for those connecting to us on an 0845 number! Upgrading to a Connect account can save you money...

It's now easier than ever to cut your Internet phone bill with our new streamlined range of Connect accounts, surely the best-value unmetered access packages around.

Unmetered Internet access, for those that haven't heard, makes your connection options a lot more flexible. You pay a flat-fee to us for however much time online you need. Then you can use those hours, day or night, as you need them - it's that straightforward. No more Internet costs on your phone bill, no extra subscriptions to pay to BT.

Previously, the only budget option available to connect you and your modem to the Internet was to dial a local-rate, 0845 access number. A popular method of connecting, for the casual Internet user local rate access can still prove ideal. If, however, you need to connect during the day or for several hours a week or more, choosing a Connect unmetered account can save you pounds off your Internet bill. For Business in particular, the savings are usually considerable.

Connect Lite User, our entry-level account, offers access to the Internet unmetered access for only £6.99 a month, with absolutely no call charges to pay! We give you a fair usage of 80 hours a month for your money, to use at any time. That works out at an astonishing 9p per hour. Never mind daytime call charges, compare that with even cheap rate 0845 access and you can see there's no comparison. Connect Lite User makes local-rate 0845 dialup look increasingly out of date.

The full Connect range has a wide choice of unmetered packages, both for Home and Business users, ranging from the Connect Lite User up to always-on professional connections. Choose the amount of access you expect to be using from our range of Connect accounts. Don't worry if you choose a 'heavy-use' account and then decide to move to a lighter one; we let you change between unmetered accounts as often as you like (one change allowed per month). Real flexibility!

You get a FREE '' domain name with most accounts, as well as our standard unlimited e-mail addresses, 250MB of web space and all the tools you need to get the most of the opportunities the Internet gives you.

To upgrade your account - you just need to follow the 'Change Account' link located under your 'My Account' section of the portal.

For more details of our great value Connect account range, please visit, or if you prefer, call our friendly Support Team on 0845 140 0200. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are charged at local rates.


PlusNet Customer Services
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