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Upgrading advice please


Upgrading advice please

I'd like to upgrade from £14.99 Broadband Plus to a faster download service. I'm getting 1mb on "upto 2mb" at the moment.

BBP was fine until I've found the benefits of P2P.

So, with these BT changes this month (up to 8mb etc) what would people recommend I move to now? I'd say 10-15GB peak is fine.

I've looked at those scales but I'm not sure if I'll be getting faster speeds from BT and how that would affect me upgrading.

Many thanks for any comments Smiley
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Upgrading advice please

If you're looking at 10-15GB during peak hours, then I'd suggest looking at the Premier Up To 2mb package that we are currently offering. Though we are in the process of refreshing our packages, the details of which we hope to announce soon.
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Upgrading advice please

But remember that changing to premier won't alter your line speed.

Assuming that 1Mb is all your line can support at the moment, you'll need to wait for your exchange to be upgraded to MaxADSL, and then for Pn to change your connection to MaxADSL as well.

But if you want to use P2P, within reason, the Premier is the service you need,

Upgrading advice please

Thanks people. I'll hang off for a few weeks to see what's happening with my BT line.