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Upgrading Homeworker Pro 1Mb?


Upgrading Homeworker Pro 1Mb?

I'm currently on Homeworker Pro 1Mb which is costing me £45.99 a month and I'm keen to go to 2Mb.

The only reasons I'm on a business account at the moment are

1) I occasionaly use the NetAnnounce service (about 5 or 6 times a year).

2) My website is hosted with PlusNet. I'm currently using about 175Mb of webspace and have a max data transfer of around 3Gb/month.

I definitely want to keep the NetAnnounce facility but I could easily move the web hosting elsewhere.

Do I realy have to go to a Teleworker Pro at £65.99(!) a month - this seems to be the only 2Mb package with NetAnnounce?

Upgrading Homeworker Pro 1Mb?

Can anyone at PlusNet advise on this please?
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Upgrading Homeworker Pro 1Mb?

If you are using the webspace for business, or you still wanted to use the netannounce feature you would need to upgrade to one of our newer business products, such as the Teleworker Pro 2MB.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer a 50:1 2MB business product, which is why the 2MB business products are only available on the "Pro" packages.

We are continually improving our product ranges however so there may be a better product for you in future.