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Upgrading Customer's recent logon problem....


Upgrading Customer's recent logon problem....

I can't say that I was delighted with the recent technical support I got when I rang four or five days ago about my inability to connect to PlusNet via my broadband link. When I explained to the support technician that my broadband modem/router gave an `LCP No Response' reply to my logon attempt, and that I was waiting to be upgraded to the 1 Mb/s speed, he gave me two alternative logon IDs and passwords to try. When these gave the same result, he said that the problem lies with my router. I was on the point of going out to buy another router when I decided to ring D-Link to establish if my router was at fault. It was at this time that the router started to give a `Authorisation failed' response to attempts to connect to gateway When I pinged the latter, it was clear that the problem lay with PlusNet or BT, not my router. The PlusNet support technician was very polite and clearly tried his best, but shouldn't he have asked me to ping the gateway before blaming the router? And shouldn't the large number of similar problems that must have occurred over recent days (due to all customers undergoing upgrades being similarly affected) have caused the technical support staff to recognise sooner that PlusNet had a big problem on their hands?

After realising, one day after ringing technical support, that the problem was not my router, I rang them back only to hear a general message that BT was the cause of upgrading customers being able to synchronise but not logon. Good job I did. A new modem/router would have cost me about eighty quid!

Nevertheless, the good news is; the 1 Mb/s Home Lite service is excellent.


Upgrading Customer's recent logon problem....

Based on the message you quoted before ringing DLink, I would say the support person gave the correct responce.

"LCP No Response". This means that your router is not even getting to the stage to attempt access to the gateway. So any attempt the support agent made you do, would have failed anyhow.

It does very much sound like part and parcel of the BT problems. 4 or 5 days ago, these issues where not entirly known, and only just filtering through to ISPs and out to the public.

The other thing you have to remember is that support can only give generic support for the service. They do not have support details on all the router and modems in existance, which all give different messages, with different meanings for different things.

SO based on the information available 4 to 5 days ago, this sort of mishap was expected at some point.