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Upgradeing ...


Upgradeing ...

Im a total noob to this Tongue
So any help will be kewl.

I want to up-grade. I live in Wales, kinda rural place. I doubt I can get 8bm speeds.
Im currently on 2mb speed line.
I would like to up-grade ( Proly 2mb line, since I cant get higher speeds ) to avoid this :

Your peak usage for this billing month has exceeded the product design
therefore Level 4 Broadband Plus usage management has been applied to your
service during peak hours. Your Broadband service will continue to be
managed until your next billing date at which time peak-time usage
management will be removed.

My speeds are now ... abysmal ... to say the least. I cant browse, nor streem, nor do anything. I tested my speed and it came up 144KB/S.

Soooo ... How do I up grade to avoid this lol.
Btw, I dont DL hardly anything. Duno how I got this "Your peak usage for this billing month has exceeded the product design"

Thanks in advance.
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Upgradeing ...

Click connection settings then Upgrade account. Then choose the account you want to upgrade to.

You must have downloaded something as the peak time allowances for BB+ is 5GB (old product) or 3GB (new product).
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Upgradeing ...

You haven't got someone else in the house secretly downloading stuff have you. Check your VMU for clues as to when and vaguely what.
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Upgradeing ...

Also check for viruses and spyware which maybe using your internet connection in the background without telling you.

Install a firewall (like zonealarm) which will block applications from the internet unless you specifically allow them.

Assuming you are on BBPlus, the best package to get more allowance would be premier option 1 at 21.99 per month.

Upgradeing ...

Ok Smiley Thanks. Guess I will have to upgrade Tongue