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Upgraded to lower speed !! HELP


Upgraded to lower speed !! HELP

Does this sound acceptable to anyone and does anyone have any advice:

Several weeks ago I was upgraded to MaxDSL from my previous 2meg connection. For while things looked good, my modem reported a downstream data rate of 8128k, this varied some over the following week, sometimes dropping as low as 4000k, but usually remaining around the 7000 mark, the noise margin I’m getting is around 6 and attenuation is around 41. The download speed was noticeable and I ran a few speed tests which confirmed this.

Now since the end of the first week of my upgrade my stable connection rate ( has steadily dropped. It actually dropped down to 500 last week but has since gone back up to 1500. This is despite my modem reporting pretty consistent numbers.

To my main issue – I’m not happy that since my so-called upgrade that my connection speed is now LOWER than the 2meg rate I’ve been enjoying for the last year. I did not ask for this change, it’s been forced upon me. Now I understand not all of this is under PlusNet’s control – but if I’m now being forced to accept a worse service should I not have my £21.99 per month rate cut?

Does anyone have any advice or opinion?


Upgraded to lower speed !! HELP

The situation does sound familiar.
I was enjuying a pretty consistent 8mb service until I moved house a month ago.
For the fortnight after moving my service fluctuated between about 6mb and 1mb, but for the last couple of weeks i have been stuck at about 1.8mb.
At nearly £40 a month, I am not hanging around for long with a service that slow.

Upgraded to lower speed !! HELP

Come on it must be BT's fault, you cant blame Plusnet.

Only kidding but that will be your response from Plusnet.

Upgraded to lower speed !! HELP

Sounds very famililar to me to I was origonally on 1Mb and upgraded to 2 Mb with 4 Gb bandwidth
I have got instlled on my pc Registry Mechanic 5.2 and after doing optomisations my speed fell to 1Mb and has remained their ever since I have tried several sources of help to no avail and if by magic only last week my speed lept in at an amazing 4.6 Mbps alas this was short lived because as soon as I logged of I was back to the 1 Mbps and remain their yet I am paying the £17.99 for this service upon requseting that I revert to my 1 Mbs and a lower pricing was told I couldnt :? :shock: and Shocked I am being told to run speed tests which is not totally convenient to me as I am a shift worker pemranent nights.
Any body have an answer please I have posted a new one on this matter
:? customer still after 4years

Upgraded to lower speed !! HELP

just one more thing to add to this connection speed thing
the PN portal support team told me to unistall my modem ( supllied by them) and reinstall it againand this should have fixed the problem ( wrong)
I use a briliant program called Power Quest 7 which I make a back up of my drives when all is tickity boo and if I run into serious problems I just boot from the disc
this of course is great in that it unfolds any problems etc that have happened

and boy am I lucky to have it as when I unistalled my modem and tried to reinstall it guess what
yep the software would load but trying to get set up to broadband again was a no go the good old Wiptech icon failed to appear and so my internet connection was gone dissapered into cyberspace
PN told me to contact the vendors of my modem for assistance Huh why
it was PN that sold it to me
very confusing
thank goodness for my power quest 7

Upgraded to lower speed !! HELP

Hi Andy,

The question (19802291) you raised regarding this issue has been answered for you. Has your situation changed at all over the last few days?



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Upgraded to lower speed !! HELP

Welcome to the club! I requested going to MAXdsl as the BT line checker was stating I should be able to get 1.5Mb. Reality has been I frequently get bumped down to 500kb when the BT system 'decides' there is a problem on my line. If I conscientiously reboot my router over the course of a few days it goes back up to 1Mb only to drop it again some time later. I fine this particularly irritating as I'd had a stable 1Mb connection since being asked to PAY for a regrade when BT said my line couldn't take the free 2Mb upgrades that were done a while back!

Even more annoying is the attitude of PlusNet to this situation. I've raised a few tickets complaining about this and they all end up with a statement from CS like this latest one:

This is the nature of the Max product, which you requested to be transferred onto. A lower sync speed will reduce your throughput rate, in order to keep your service stable. This should increase over a period of 3 days, although BT are aware of some problems with their DLM system, and are working on these at presnt.

As your speeds are above the BT minimum speed we will be unable to raise a fault for you regarding this.

So all my fault for asking to go to a service that promised higher speeds! It would be nice to get some acceptance that I'm now getting a worse service than I had previously paid for and perhaps some indication that they would put pressure on BT to sort the problem.