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Upgraded or not?


Upgraded or not?

Over the last 2/3 weeks my broadband service has been very hit and miss, with numerous disconnections. At first I thought it was my router so swapped it for another identical router - but still the problems persisted.

Last Friday, for this reason and the combined frustrations of trying to finding any info, in particular the right place to 'queue' for /request an maxdsl upgrade, or speak to anyone at plusnet on the phone, I decided enough was enough and that I'd find out how much it would be to leave - raising a question in the cancel section to this effect.

Since then (I've had no response to the ticket but its only been a few days so ok) the disconnections have become even more frequent, speed has also been intermittent, sometimes mega fast, sometimes mega slow; all this led to several speed checks - the first reported around 1800 which I thought was ok, the second returned 3450 ish, hmmm? My router status also shows I'm getting a downstream data rate ranging from 6750 to 7500 with a steady upstream of 448.
Does this indicate that I've been upgraded to max? If I have been upgraded does anyone know where on the plusnet site I can find out when I was upgraded (I've had no emails from Plusnet) so I can find out if I'm still in the initial 10 day testing period? Still clinging on to the hope its a maxdsl blip rather than a generally poor plusnet service.

Oh, and interleaving is on - is that a maxdsl only setting?

Thanks for any help, much appreciated...
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Upgraded or not?


According to our records you were upgrade to Max at the beginning of the month, probably in the first or second batch of regrades since we restarted the bulk regrade programme.

Not sure why you haven't been mailed, I'll check into that tomorrow for you.

Regarding the speeds first, the speeds you are seeing are probably about right, particularly if the tests are done off peak. With a sync rate of 6750-7500kbps the throughput maximum will be about 6000kbps, so discounting overheads and peak time contention 1800-3450kbps isn't too bad, off peak will probably be higher.

Now the disconnections. When it disconnects does the router lose sync (usually indicated by a flashing ADSL light)? If so it's possible that the line speed is sync'ing slightly too high. If you raise a fault via we should be able to make the line more stable by decreasing the sync speed a little.

Interleaving is something we are setting as on by default. From the number of faults we raised in the first 3 months or so of placing Max regrades we found that a lot of them would be fixed by applying interleaving, so by applying it by default we've cut down on the number of faults being raised to us.

Upgraded or not?

Thanks for the prompt response. The disconnects now make more sense in light of the upgrade.
I will raise a ticket as you suggest; a couple of further questions though if I may. When you refer to slowing my sync speed, is this the same as reducing my download speeds? If so, are there any settings that may need changing in my router now I'm on maxdsl, as, living close (1 mile) from the BT exchange, I've always had good download speeds whilst on the >2mb link (typically 1700-1850) and anticipated getting around 6/7mb on max. Ultimately, my preference is to retain a stable connection rather than achieve a 6/7mb link, so I dont want to change anything that will make it less stable.

As for the disconnects, 99% of these still show a solid green light or a very fast flashing light (as with data transfer), the router still reports as 'connected' - I'm just unable to connect to any web addresses and receive the DNS page eventually. After I reboot the router it generally reconnects immediately. This behaviour being the same with both routers.
Incidentally the original speed tests were ran at around 2.30 to 3.30pm yesterday, I've just done another at 1.20am and the speed has increased to 4426 with the router reporting downstream of 6720.

Thanks again.