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Upgrade the systems and Procedures.


Upgrade the systems and Procedures.

PlusNet - Hire a consultant to sort out your customer service and tickets system - it simply isn't working as it should!

Maybe you should invest in a commericial helpdesk / call system that works?
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Upgrade the systems and Procedures.

Surely this would be better in the Ideas forum? Whats to say their current system isn't commercial not that it matters as long as any new system is open source I'm happy.

Upgrade the systems and Procedures.

Its got too much of a bespoke feel about it,
If it is commercial then it certainly can't be a top package!

I think this is equally at home in feedback as suggestions - the two are closly linked Smiley

Upgrade the systems and Procedures.


There may be a couple of factors coming in to play here.

I am not sure what, if any changes have been made to the support proceedures and systems over the last year or so.

However the systems in place before Plus net's client base grew to the size it is now, were superb. Whether they are capable of dealing with the volume of issues seen today remains to be seen.

in terms of issues raised, the CSC at the moment are probably inundated with requests for support for issues which arose from the recent weather, missed or failed upgrades, upgrade requests and connection issues caused by iffy or borderline connections being upgraded. On top of this, there will be the normal run of the mill issues to be dealt with.

There are times when the CSC is swamped. the boards sometimes reflect this. To manage resouces which are not finite is difficult. there will always be periods when the demand for support will outstrip the resources deployed to deal with it.

I think we are seeing one of those periods.

Hopefully and with good management the backlog will be cleared and things will return to normal.