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Upgrade and Downgrade


Upgrade and Downgrade

I am currently on connect lite paying £9.99 a month. I have recently heard that you bought in a cheaper option charging £4.99 for only 5 hours a week.

I also see that you can only change your package once in the billing period.

I might be going away on 2 weeks holiday soon, and my billing date might fall in the middle of the 2 weeks holiday, therefore:

Can I change down to the £4.99 a month package shortly before holiday?

When I come back, can I change it back to £9.99 a month about 3 weeks later, bearing in mind that this would be in a different billing cycle.

Also, how do you administer refunds, or extra charges for part month useage?

Upgrade and Downgrade

To my understanding, there is no refunds on part usage unless you are upgrading.

The policy is you can upgrade you package at any time, but must give 30 days notice for downgrades and cancelations.
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Upgrade and Downgrade

Hi there,

In this case the upgrade/downgrade process is differerent because it is between two different Connect accounts. The differing levels of maximum hours were deisgned with flexibility in mind so you can move between any of the connect accounts straight away to sitisfy your needs (providing you stay on either business or residential packages - not moving between the two types).

The 30 days applies to any account moving to a free or lite account and any ADSL moving to a dialup account.