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Upgrade advice


Upgrade advice

I am currently on the 'ADSL Home Self-Install' which I have had for about two years now. I see there is a 1mb option now available for £19.99 which doesnt have a limit on downloading (I dont get through a gigabyte a month anyway).

On the current account I do get 250MB of web space which is nice...

Would I be corect that the two accounts are pritty much like for like, except I would be paying a little less for 1mb instead of 512kHuh


Pete (happy PlusNet user for about three years...) Cool
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Upgrade advice

If you use less than 1GB a month you would be better off on the Lite account, at £14.99 for up to 2MB, as it is not subject to the traffic shaping that the Plus account is, and you will keep the 250MB of webspace you currently enjoy.