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Upgrade Please


Upgrade Please

Hey, I am sure that this question has been asked before but for the life of me
can't seem to find anything specific.

Ok, so I am currently waiting for this excellent "up to 8mb" free upgrade for
Premier customers like me. This website says that Easynet is up and running
on the Upton Park xchange so can someone tell me if I will see this 8mb
free upgrade sooner then later?

I heard that Plusnet gets it's BB from Easynet, is that correct in which case
shouldn't I be upgraded by now or even close to being upgraded yet so that I can enjoy the new speed.


Upgrade Please

welcome to CS called plusnet.
If you have only just joind plusnet you will be regraded soon.

Most of us who have not wait for 12 motnhs then go - it is a despicable service by plusnet.

They will bang on that it is free, yeh and kill usage in the same sentence!

Free or not - plenty of people on it in no time get massive priority. Plus it is appalling they put payg customers above premier customers in regrading!

It is obviously down to profiteering - NOT customer service!

Upgrade Please

I am at a loss, I have been wondering through thread after thread trying
to figure out all these buzz words flying around.


Well, I have never heard of MaxDSL but what people are saying is that it is
worse and not very reliabel then my current 2mb.

PlusNet seems to be borrowing off of Tiscali and Easynet and I am beginning to feel that maybe I should jump ship and move over to "Talk Talk" or "BeThere" as they seem to know what they are doing.

All I want is a taste of all these new speeds that everyone else at other
ISPs seem to be experiancing but the one ISP I choose seems to want to make more promises then results. Well, looks like this post will be swollowed up by all the other posts currently flooding in and falling on deaf ears.

Damn I should have read the small print about deferred payments as well but if it costs me £60 to cut my losses and go elsewhere then maybe I should.

I would have liked to expericanced all these new mega speeds of 16mb and 24mb but I guess I'll just be happy with my 2mb for now and wait for my
first year to tick over and then weigh my options up and do a little window shopping at ISPs elsewhere. I would rather hold onto my current stable 2mb then have to be put through loss of connection and days and days of no connection on this new MaxDSL thing.

Ahhh, I feel much better after venting some of my fustration.....

Upgrade Please

MaxDSL is BT's way of improving speeds from an upper limit of 2Mb to around 8Mb.
LLU is basically where other companies install their equipment in the telephone exchanges so that you can use their network rather than BTs. (Examples are Easynet, Bulldog, Be* etc..)

MaxDSL isn't worse than normal DSL, however if your line is already poor or has a low "strength" then performance could suffer. There were lots of problems when it was intoduced as BT could not get the information out to the ISPs quick enough so a lot of people were stuck still at 2Mb or lower.

Plusnet arent "borring" off anyone. Tiscali Wholesale is a seperate company to Tiscali, in a similar way of BT Broadband and BT Wholesale. It is just a different company that your signal gets processed by.

If you are staying and want the faster speeds sooner, going to and entering into the 'opt in' for the queue jumping should get you there sooner than normal.

As for the Easynet thing... im not sure if they actually ARE putting people onto that provider yet as i thought it was still a "deal to be confirmed". Tiscali exchanges however are being upgraded where and as applicable.