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Upgrade Clarity


Upgrade Clarity

First let me say I'm a happy 512k customer, every now and then I stop by this website to check out what upgrade deals are on offer, everytime I run into confusing matrices and a series of links to faq's. I have to wade through loads of information and try and figure out what it will cost me to upgrade, in the end I get a headache and give up.

What I cannot understand is, the site knows what package I have currently and that I'm on a monthly contract, it also knows what products are available via my local exchange, so why can't I select an available upgrade and see a clear breakdown of what it will cost to switch?



btw I'm on monthly self start 512k, and thinking about 1mb uncapped if anyone knows what the one-off and monthly cost to upgrade is I would be grateful if they enlighten me.

Upgrade Clarity

Its about £15 one off to regrade, i did it a while ago.

However theres no point doing it now, next month all uncapped products are replaced by capped and everyone eligable will get a free regrade to a faster speed anyway.

Changing account type now seems a pointless waste of money.

Upgrade Clarity

On this subject yet again, sry, if I go from 515k down to 2meg down does my upload increase in comparison also? I should get 1 meg up no?

If so why not or is it just another money making scam as the technology is surely in place.
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Upgrade Clarity

Upload speeds are fixed at 256Kbs on all current ADSL speeds.

This is a limit BT impose on their products which PlusNet use. Higher upload speeds may be available with the introduction of 4 and 8Mbs speeds but this may nly be at the higher speeds.

If you really want faster upload speeds your only option is SDSL or go to one of the LLU providers who normally offer 400Kbs uploads.