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Unstable line?


Unstable line?

After a period of trouble free service and excellent download speeds I am now experiencing frequent disconnections and am sometimes not able to remain on-line for more than a few minutes. I am connected to the Scarborough exchange but the service log for this exchange has not been updated since 27 June so I'm not able to say whether they are undergoing maintenance or having service problems. Download speeds have been about 20% below their normal values over the past couple of days but this morning it is back up to its usual range i.e. 1840- 1870Kbps. Any ideas?

Unstable line?

No-one has seemed too interested in my description of an "unstable line" but with frequent disconnections and download speeds this morning varying between 1740Kbps and 63Kbps I decided to take the bull by the horns and change my ADSL modem. The original was a Binatone 500 modem supplied by Plusnet under the Easy Start program at a cost (I calculate) of around £108 just 20 months ago. The replacement was a Mercury ADSL modem costing £26 at my local supplier. The result has been the best download speeds I have experienced ,1930Kbps, and no disconnections. The question that arises is "For how long is a Plusnet £100 modem supposed to operate before breaking down?"
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Unstable line?

Can't see where you got the £108 from, just worked it out on my phone:

Difference between standard price and easy start price: £24.99-£21.99=£3
Multiplied by number of months on package: 20*£3=£60

Factor in line activation etc.

I think you'll find it hardly cost you £108

I'm afraid that it's sods law I belive the modems are supplied with a 12 month warranty by binatone. You are outside of warranty period, if something's gonna go wrong, it will be just outside the warranty period.

I have a binatone modem supplied by PN about 18 months ago. Still going strong but I intend to change to a router soon anyhow. Also It might be there is nothing wrong with your modem, if BT have done something on your line (you may not know) this can effect the lin stats which determine whether you are able to sync or not. Also different modems/routers can have a great effect on these figures so with the new modem you maybe within the limits but the binatone you are out.